About Us

Lara Custom Cabinets Inc. Began in the United States in March 19th 1998 with ideas and knowledge of the founder Luis Hernandez. After analyzing the market Mr. Hernandez realized the need of a good cabinet maker at the same time someone who can provide a great customer service. Luis decided to start applying his skills in the fabrication of cabinets for kitchens, entertainment centers, offices in which people spend most of the time, working or enjoying the furniture. Mr. Hernandez makes sure the furniture is functional and with a beautiful appearance even after years.

The goal of the Lara Custom Cabinets, Inc. is to provide the best customer service always searching the clients satisfaction. When a project is taken all the benefits and possibilities are studied to build it on the shorts time at the right price with the highest quality.

CEO and founder of Lara Custom Cabinets, Inc. Luis Hernandez has over 20 years of experience with exotic woods, supervises every job making sure quality control is achieved. Mr. Hernandez fabricates elegant, long lasting and functional cabinets.